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Strategic and compassionate. Client- and family- focused.

Decisions made in family law matters have long-lasting implications. The work we do touches upon what matters most to clients: their relationships, their
children, their homes, their finances. There is no other area of law that encompasses as many important aspects of a client’s life.

It is crucial that a family law attorney be compassionate, strategic, and effective. We work tirelessly to help families navigate the difficult waters of family law by reducing costs, battles, and wounds through zealous and holistic advocacy. That often means crafting solutions outside of the courtroom. But when litigation is necessary, we’re up for the task.

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Practice Areas

We practice all areas of family law, including:


Danielle Hawkes
Founding Partner
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Kayla Quam Family Law
Kayla H. Quam
Founding Partner
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Client Experiences


I can't say enough about Dani and her Paralegal Lexi. Dani is the ONLY attorney who listened to my story. She is smart, she knows Family Law inside and out, her litigation skills are top notch and I highly recommend her. Thank you ladies for being my champions, you were professional and personable beyond belief.

– Kathy McCabe


Kayla was incredible to work with. She listened to what I needed and was able to handle things in a way where I knew she was on my side during my divorce. She provided excellent feedback whenever I had questions and was very conscious of my money, and always tried to provide the best ways to make this as affordable as possible. I absolutely trust Kayla and would 100% recommend her to anyone.

– Nik


Danielle was so amazing! She was such a blessing in my life. She can be so caring, patient, understanding and brutally honest, all at the right time while being extremely competent and professional. I can’t believe I picked the best attorney to represent me. I am so thankful for all that she’s done and she worked so hard! Worth every dollar.

– Vanessa Broderick


Though my case was daunting, complex and intense, Kayla Quam was only incredible. From the start through the very end, she and her amazing team exhibited unparalleled dedication to the law and commitment to me as her client. I will be forever grateful that I chose Kayla Quam to represent me. She is everything you would want in a lawyer.

– Julia


Kayla is hands down the best lawyer I have worked with. She is kind, passionate, and absolutely cares about her clients. I thank my lucky stars that I found Kayla! She will work hard to represent you and is honest with outcomes and reality of the process with what to expect. I had the best outcome in my case because she was on my side.

– Pamela


My experience with Danielle Hawkes Esq. was incredibly positive.  From the beginning of our engagement, she communicated clearly and honestly. Her guidance, expertise, and approach throughout the process provided for an efficient, effective, and positive outcome for my case.

– Christopher Anderson

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