Danielle Hawkes, Esq.

Hawkes Quam, LLC Family Law Arbiter


Arbitration is a customizable private court process for family law cases in Utah providing:

• Family law focused decision-maker from start to finish.

• Binding decisions on family law issues, including division of real and personal property, assets, debt, and businesses; alimony awards; restraints between parties; taxes; fee/cost allocation; modifications; motions to enforce; discovery issues; and appointment of professionals.

• Court-reviewable decisions on child-related matters. The parties can agree to have the arbiter’s written decision be admissible and weighed in such review.

• Expedited hearings on temporary orders, discovery issues, and expert/PGAL appointments. Parties can also agree to have the arbiter conduct certain investigations and reviews.

• Expedited trial on simple cases.

• Hearings and trials as long or short as the parties need:  

     – Long hearings with lengthy briefing allowed for complex cases.

     – Short expedited hearings with informal rules when parties prefer.  

• Tailored review hearings for reunification and substance abuse issues.

• Negotiation can be built into the process with the arbiter or a third party mediator.

• Ability to have a panel arbitration with experts, such as therapists or accountants.

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Reviews for Danielle


I can't say enough about Dani and her Paralegal Lexi. Dani is the ONLY attorney who listened to my story. She is smart, she knows Family Law inside and out, her litigation skills are top notch and I highly recommend her. Thank you ladies for being my champions, you were professional and personable beyond belief.

– Kathy McCabe


Danielle was so amazing! She was such a blessing in my life. She can be so caring, patient, understanding and brutally honest, all at the right time while being extremely competent and professional. I can’t believe I picked the best attorney to represent me. I am so thankful for all that she’s done and she worked so hard! Worth every dollar.

– Vanessa Broderick


My experience with Danielle Hawkes Esq. was incredibly positive.  From the beginning of our engagement, she communicated clearly and honestly. Her guidance, expertise, and approach throughout the process provided for an efficient, effective, and positive outcome for my case.

– Christopher Anderson


I was in distress when I found Dani and she quickly helped me feel comfortable. I appreciated her honesty and straight forwardness. She was always easy to reach and kept me in the loop at all times.  recommend Dani and her team to anyone looking for a professional that that isn't afraid to fight for her clients.

– Chandler

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